The beginning of a new adventure

It hit me on a grey sunday morning, while we were moving the last stuff from my apartment in Copenhagen.

It was cold outside, but the grey clouds made everything seem so beautifully calm.
I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite sometime. But for some reason this morning made me sure that now was the time to start doing it.

However, taking the actual step into it has been a lot more difficult than I would have ever dreamed.

I don’t just mean having to work through my own insecurities about it – which in itself has been pretty scary.
No – there’s also been some big decisions when it comes to who I should choose for hosting, what my niche should be, what name would be able to fit all of the things I wanted to tell and everything else that one has to take into consideration when starting a blog.
But now I’m ready. Or probably “as ready as I’ll ever be” is a better way to phrase it.


And I think I’ll pretty much just dive head into it all.

And learn from the get-go.
And probably make some mistakes on the way.


But I am sure this will be an adventure in itself.

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