Where magic exists

Do you know those songs that just immediately make you feel like you’re in a car. Driving to a place you have never been before. In the dark. With lights passing by the window. So fast you don’t even realize that you notice them.
Those songs that can make any ordinary night just a tiny bit more magical?
The ones that make every single part of your body itch for new adventures?

I occasionally find these songs.
Sometimes the magic burns out over time. The more I listen to them and start associating them with train rides on a grey September morning, or biking to a friend on a sunny Saturday.

But some of them have managed to stay every bit as magical, as the first time I listened to them.
And it still baffles me.
Jolene by Dolly Parton.
Honestly I have no idea why, but every single bit of my heart just loves this song.
Everything about it.
The music.
Her voice.
The vibe.
It makes me think of mountains and stars and adventures, and even though I have been listening to it for years and years, it is still one of my ultimate favorites.

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National
This one reminds me that life is supposed to be ordinary. That it is okay to find happiness in everyday life. That you do not have to seek adventures with every breath you take.
And if that is not calming, then I do not know what is.


Just breathe by Pearl Jam
It  makes me so calm that I can literally feel my entire body relaxing.
It’s enough to just breathe.




Society by Eddie Vedder
His voice makes me dream of rain and green forests and Canada. Of a nature that is so beautiful that I forget why everything else is important. So beauiful I realize that nothing else is more important than I choose to make it.


Until We Bleed by Kleerup and Lykke Li
As soon as the song starts playing my heart starts hurting. Honestly, when it comes to this song, my judgement might be very clouded. But every time I hear the song, it being in a movie or on the radio, it just brings up the feelings of the 17-year-old lost me.
And even though it is weird. I still love it.

Heartbeats by José González
Heartbeats is just magical. Every single part of it.
And I do not think I will ever find the words to describe the feelings it leaves me with.

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