Gili Trawangan – Heaven on Earth

The most crystal clear water, fantastic and cheap drinks, backpackers all around and a small island without any cars, because you can easily walk from on end of the island to the other. It does not get any better than that. The beaches are amazing, and there’s always a party somewhere.
To me Gili Trawangan was heaven on earth. I stayed there for a week, but all the days seem to float together, into one big mass of laughing. sunbathing, drinking beer, snorkling and bathing.

Since there are no cars on Gili T, it makes you feel like you are so far from ordinary life and civilization, that it’s hard not to forget all the everyday worries. You simply do not remember why you should even bother.

If I were to make a list of things you just have to do when you’re on Gili T – or any of the Gili Islands really.

It would probably be something like:


1. Wake up when you want to.
2. Drag yourself down to the beach.

3. Buy a cold drink.
4. spend all day sunbathing.
5. start partying as early as you like.
6. start talking to strangers. I promise you they won’t stay strangers for long.

7. Enjoy every part of every second an leave all of your everyday worries far behind.

8. Book a boattrip – Either a scuba diving trip or a snorkling trip.

And that’s probably it. And that’s what I loved so much about Gili T.
At this point I had also been traveling around Borneo and Java for almost two months, and was kind of overwhelmed by all the new experiences, memories and the very different culture.
So it was a great break, to just go away for a week and get ready for the last few weeks of traveling around Bali.

Admittedly Gili T is probably mostly for people in their 20’s.
It is a lot of partying, and young backpackers with a lot of money and a desire to go crazy.
But if you feel like you’ve outgrown that “way” of traveling, you should simply seek one of the other Gili Islands, like Gili Air or Gili Meno.
I haven’t been there myself, but I’ve been told that both of them have all the amazing qualities of Gili T, but that it isn’t “ruined” by the young crazy backpackers.

So if you’re traveling around Indonesia, or if you find yourself somewhere even remotely near to these amazing islands, I would make sure to put them on the top of my list.

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