Why a skiing holiday is the best holiday

Are you one of those people who have only ever skied once or twice?

Or maybe you did it multiple times, but it’s now been years and you’re sure you won’t remember it?

You really want to try it, but you’re convinced it’s going to be too expensive, too hard and not worth the while?

I am here to convince you that it definitely will be worth the while – and even more!

Have you ever looked at all those incredibly beautiful pictures people take of the mountains while skiing, and thought to yourself, is this real??

You have, haven’t you?


And, have you seen the videos of people elegantly swoosh-swooshing around on their skis in knee-deep snow, and thought to yourself that it looked incredibly comfortable and cool?

Come on – who hasn’t?


I can tell you honestly, form the bottom of my heart that it IS real – I have never seen mountains look more beautiful than the way they look when you get to ski in them.

And that soft feeling of new snow underneath my skis are one of the three most incredible feelings I have ever had!


I have been skiing ever since I was 2 years old – No, I am not kidding. Even though back then it was probably more snowball fighting and crying about the uncomfortable boots than anything else. 

I also did an instructors course, and worked as a ski instructor for adult beginners when I lived in Canada.


So I have seen quite a lot of adults trying to ski for the very first time. And there is no doubt that yes – it IS a lot of work. But isn’t that just how it feels whenever you have to learn a new skill?


However, almost all of them – there was that one woman who was more concerned with having a break and drinking white wine than actually skiing and a few that just did not feel like trying again after their first day but the rest– were stunned that they had not done this for themselves earlier on.

Am I starting to catch your attention?

Okay so lets see.


Too cold 

I know a lot of people won’t even consider skiing because it’s too cold.

And yes – it can get very cold. I have experienced -26 degrees in both Canada and Norway and it is HELL. It hurts and you have to stop pretty often to make sure your toes and everything else don’t get too cold. But out of all of the skiing I have been doing the days that have been that cold can be counted on 2 hands.

And most of all: It’s all about time and place!

If you do not like the cold, go skiing in february or march maybe even april.

When the spring starts to set in, the sun comes out and it is incredibly warm and nice. Honestly, I have gotten some of my best face-tans on ski vacations – after all the snow reflects the sun.

There just isn’t a better feeling than having a cold beer, some fries with ketchup while you feel the sun in your face and there are mountains every where you look.


You’re afraid to look stupid while learning to ski? 

I get that! I hate looking stupid – which is probably one of the reasons I have never picked up snowboarding, I would much rather stick to what I’m good at and know how to do.

But honestly, you won’t be looking stupid for long!

And besides from this – almost all the people you meet on the slopes will know exactly how you feel, it’s probably not even that long ago that they themselves felt like you. You can just expect that they will be looking at you with utmost respect!
And it won’t be long before you’re out there with all of them!

It’s expensive 

Yes it is – I can’t argue with that. But you can start out easy. Find out who you can borrow stuff from, you don’t have to buy it all right away. Honestly, the trip itself is not more expensive than most other vacations – especially not if you book it early.

And – it’s all going to be worth it! Skiing is an amazing way to be together either as family or friends or as a couple. You get to sit together and talk in the lifts – but you also have time to be alone when you’re on your way down the slopes, you’re constantly outdoors, you’re being active, you get fresh air, you’re surrounded by mountains, and everything is incredibly beautiful.

AND then there is the after skiing (where you get drunk and dance around in your ski boots), and all the breaks and nice food and just being together without having to force it.


Are you convinced yet?

I hope you are on your way to book at ski trip – RIGHT NOW.

If not – let me now! I would love to hear your arguments, and maybe try and convince you anyway.


Keep posted – I will soon upload the ultimate packing list for a ski holiday – and 5 good advices to improve your skiing immediately.



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