Being stuck – or loving where I am?


I am constantly torn between loving my life and wanting to pack my backpack and leave everything behind.
It’s quite a luxury situation. I am fully aware.

But it also makes it quite hard to live in the moment.

I guess that’s what they all talk about, when they say that traveling will change your life forever.

You will never really feel completely at home anywhere again. 

I am studying my Bachelors degree in Denmark. My home country.
It’s in History (normal, plain history) and Cultural Encounters (which is pretty similar to anthropology).
And honestly, I am loving every part of being a university student.
It’s pretty awesome to learn more about this world, and I can feel my knowledge and my worldview evolving, with every class I take – literally.
What’s not to love about that?

They teach us to question every part of society, to question the “natural” ways we act and go about being humans. How we are created, what social constructivism means, and how we are able to change the state of things – if we are willing to see them for what they really are.
And it makes me want to stand up and fight against all the many things that are wrong with this world.

And then I go on Instagram or pinterest or I take a stroll down memory lane, looking through my own pictures from my adventures.
And I am ready to pack my backpack and leave it all.
Ready to go learn about the world by just .. being in it. Seeing it.
Change it by showing people about all the wonders, and all the cultures.
Reminding people that we are all equal.

And that’s probably what I’ll do in 1,5 years when I am done with my Bachelor.

Then there’s the whole fact of everyone I love being in Denmark. Probably mostly the fact that the man I love is in Denmark.

We’ve done it before, the long-distance relationship. We can do it again. We will do it agin.
No doubt about that.

But I also have to be honest, and admit that it does make my dreams of traveling the world less drastic. With more stops, and returns to my small home country.  The fact that I am somewhat “bound” to him and wherever he is in this world annoys me, but at the same time.. It makes me incredibly happy.
I’ve found that one guy, who is worth it all.
And I guarantee you, he would never protest, or do anything to keep me in one place.
But that doesn’t mean that he can stop me from missing a part of my self every time I leave him behind.

And I guess there’s no real message in this post.

It’s just me. And all my thoughts.

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