What it’s all about

We’ve just come home from an entire day of skiing. The sun is shinning, the beers are cold and the music is playing. I can’t stop smiling.

My fingers feel like they might fall off, my feet are numb. But who cares when you’ve got great friends and snow?

I’ve grown up skiing in trysil, a small town in Norway. This is where my dad taught me to ski, where I’ve spent most of my Christmas holidays. It has become my second home.

We’re staying at my best friends parents cabin. 10 twenty-something young people. We’re playing too many board games, drinking a lot of beers and spending our days skiing. I can’t help but feel like I’m back in whistler doing a season. And I’m so happy.

And that’s why I’m not writing posts. Even though I promised myself I would. Because this is exactly what I want my blog to be about.

Those moments that remind you that life is supposed to be this simple. Just simply happy and (mostly) worry free.

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