My very first press trip – a trip to Trysil in Norway

I’ve planned every part of my outfit today. I normally don’t like to wear tight pants og jewelry when traveling, because.. Who does?
But today I’m so fixed on my looks that its almost embarrassing.
I spent most of last night trying out clothes, preparing myself, packing and trying to calm my self down. Ultimately watching the newest episode of Girls in bed, with Tacos and a big glass of red wine.
Because today I’m going on my very first press trip – ever. And I am terrified. It’s for the Danish Ski magazine: that I’ve been writing for, for about 8 months.


Arriving in Oslo
As I step out the doors to Oslo’s airport, I quickly spot Mona, who’s arranged it all. She’s holding an orange sign saying “Norway”. In the e-mail she said it would be red so I can’t help but hesitate for a bit – what if it’s not them?
But it is Mona, and she greets me warmly.
She’s surrounded by a lot of people, who are all what I would categorize as A LOT older than me. We shake hands, and my voice shakes a bit as I say my name.”Nanna – I’m from Denmark”

The rest of the lot is from Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Russia.
But to my surprise, when they tell me this, their voices shake just as much as mine did. Even Mona seems nervous.

And I can feel myself calming down.
Remembering what I’ve realized so many times: That even though people might be a lot older, and more adult than me, they are just as human as I am.


We eat lunch together, waiting for the last person who’s coming from the UK.
We talk about our countries and how they differ. The other person from Denmark is a journalist from one of our biggest newspaper, the one I’ve always dreamed of writing for. And in my head I’ve been so obsessed with making a good impression, but as we sit here talking, I forget all of my concerns and start acting as I always do.


We get picked up in a big, new bus. We’re only 8 people, and it seems kind of silly. But also kind of luxurious that they’ve hired a special bus for us. The bus takes us the 2,5 hours drive from Oslo to the cozy skiing resort Trysil.




We arrive at our “4, almost 5 starred” Raddison hotel around 5 in the afternoon, its beautifully decorated in a modern scandinavian style. We get our rooms.

And boy am I astonished by what meets me.
Everything is laid out beautifully, I can see the mountain and people are skiing just outside my window. There’s fresh fruit and chocolate for me. And even the TV greets me by my name.

We go down to hire our skis, we meet more people from Trysil, and have a short very official presentation about Trysil and all the things it can offer – the fact that they are working on getting an airport that will fly people directly up here kind of impresses me.

We eat dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, everyone everywhere treats us so nicely.
The waiters respond to our every wink, we can have whatever we like to drink.
And for the first time it really dawns on me how much power you have as a writer who is reviewing places.
They all just really want us to be impressed and happy.

And I honestly think it will take me awhile to become good at maintaining my objectivity through all the luxurious treatment.

However, the dinner IS amazing, the people are SO nice, the conversation runs smoothly and we laugh a lot more than I would think.
It’s easy to be honest with all of these people.

When I go to bed, its with an insane amount of tinnitus, and a whole lot of thoughts.
But I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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